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Organizational Overview

Established in 1992, Grand River Employment and Training Inc. (GRETI) is a community based non-profit organization that has been recognized by the Six Nations of the Grand River community, Six Nations Elected Council, and the Confederacy Council.

The GRETI Board of Directors consist of ten members who operate under the Policy Governance Model. Two of the board members are representatives of Six Nations Elected Council.

The CARVER model of governance empowers the Board to fulfill its obligation of accountability for the organization. Policy governance separated issues of organizational purpose (ends or goals) from the organizational issues (means), placing the boards primary importance on the ends.

The GRETI Board envisions a future where Onkwehon: we of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory will have strong economies, capacity to become self-reliant, and responsibility for our wellbeing. The mega ends statements have been worded to express the expected results of GRETI’s existence.

Mega End

GRETI exists to increase the number of employable Onkwehon: we, regardless of residence, and at a cost justified by results.

GRETI has also established several social enterprises to help support its mandate. These entities include;

  •  Service delivery and administration of employment and training programs for GREAT
  •  GREAT Opportunity Centre- office leasing, rentals
  •  GRETI financial services
  •  Kayanase Ecological Restoration
  •  Ogwehoweh Skills & Trades Training Centre (OSTTC)
  •  Kayhonhakta-Longhouse project
  •  Sade: konih Food Services

Grand River Employment and Training Inc (GRETI) was provincially incorporated in 1992 as a not-for-profit organization. GRETI became a registered charity in April 2014.

GRETI is governed by a Board of Directors and is managed by two CEOs, each responsible for the operations of their respective divisions, namely:

· Grand River Employment and Training (GREAT)

· GRETI Business Opportunities

About Kayanase

Kayanase has been in operation since early 2007. It was established to work in partnership with the City of Hamilton to perform ecological restoration after the construction of the Red Hill Valley Parkway.

Kayanase is an ecological restoration and native plant and seed business, dedicated to improving the health of Mother Earth using science-based approaches and Traditional Ecological knowledge.

Our Mission is to restore the health and beauty of Mother Earth, using science- based approaches and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).

Our experienced staff utilizes scientific and traditional methods to improve ecosystems through;

  • Ecological Restoration
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Environmental Outreach

We work closely with our clients to create ecologically sustainable landscapes and to foster environmental awareness. Above all is the belief that the work we do will benefit Mother Earth as a whole, enriching the lives of the people, plants, and animals that depend on Her.

Ecological and Greenhouse Services

  • Native Plant Seed Collection, Propagation and Contract Growing
  • Invasive Plant Species Management
  • Urban Habitat Naturalization and Native Plant Gardening
  • Planting and Direct Seeding
  • Large Scale Tree Planting
  • Wildlife Habitat Structure Production
  • Tree Cutting and Trimming
  • Consulting Services – Tree Inventories, Plant Inventories
  • Environmental Awareness Outreach



Latest News

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Our Partners

Our partners are dedicated to making a difference in our community and around the world. Learn more about what we can all do to create sustainable solutions.


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